Methane Gas Explosion: Or When Frozen Gas Bubbles Make Booms – Explosive Job!


Katey Walter releases methane trapped in frozen Alaskan lakes. This is part of her research into global warming and climate change. Using a pick axe, Katey, an ecologist at the University of Alaska, pierces the bubble trapped in the ice. As gas rushes out from the hole, one of her students holds a lighted match towards it and ignites the vapour, causing it to explode.

methane explosion frozen lake alaska

This first picture depicts the incredible moment ice became fire when a frozen lake released a deadly gas that exploded in a massive fireball. Toxic bubbles of highly-flammable methane are trapped in grenade-like bubbles just inches beneath the surface of the ice in lakes across Alaska. Once popped, methane escapes the bubbles and ignites in spectacular explosions.

The methane bubbles can be described as ‘ice grenades’ that are waiting to explode.

frozen methane bubbles in alaskan lake

Imagine what would happen if all this methane was released and ignated: Apocalypse!

methane bubbles on frozen lake

Wonderful methane gas bubble trapped in ice

methane bubble in ice

And now enjoy this little video. Imagine if this was happening at Louisiana sinkhole!

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