Is The Next Grand Canyon Forming? Mysterious Earth Crack Forms In Luepp, Arizona (Navajo Nation)


mystery canyon formation in Luepp arizona march 2013

Cracks are opening all over the World! And not small ones. After that from Brazil, here another one, this time in Arizona, USA. Although the cause for the huge crack is unknown, it may have been created by earthquakes as the USGS suggests. Indeed, earthquakes come and go in the northern parts of Arizona, which for example are responsible for a recent sinkhole near Page. – The Navajo Post

But what we know is that this large fissure in the earth has been forming for a long time now but no one seems to have a clear answer! Pretty Weird! Moreover it just sits about one mile west of Leupp gas station. So I hope its is not going to get to big, otherwise it will swallow the gas station. Take care!

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