Mysterious booms: Nashville Tennesse and from Jacksonville to Palestine and Gallatin Texas – April 9 2013


fracking goes south in tennessee

Mysterious loud booms in Anderson County Texas – April 9 2013

Loud “boom” or “explosion” type noises were heard and felt on Saturday, April 6, 2013, at around 9:30 p.m. and ending at around 11:30 p.m., by many East Texas residents from Jacksonville to north of Palestine and Gallatin. To date, these noises have not been identified. The loud rumblings sounded similar to “explosions” or “booms.” As always, it exist of wide range of different theories: from blowing up mailboxes, to fracking, cannon fire, sasquatch, and even Chuck Norris. A sonic boom? No jets were flying this past week-end. An earthquake? USGS hasn’t reported any quakes even small on saturday. However, quakes are not a seldom event in Texas. The latest recorded was early in the morning on January 29, 2013, according to USGS.

We are not able to rule out Chuck Norris, sasquatch and aliens as they weren’t available for comment!

Reports about these noises:

“We live in Tucker and have been hearing it for months, every few weeks. So have friends out on 294. We haven’t been able to find out anything.

“I live about 5 miles out 320, and have heard it about 4 times between 10:30-11:30.”

“We live off 320, in Palestine, near the prisons, and it was so loud it shook our home and we haven’t heard it anymore”

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WTF?? Big Low Rumbling and BIG booms in TN. ?? All morning!!

I have no links, no proof except for what I’ve been hearing all morning. Sometimes the rumbling is long and sounds like it could be a HUGE HUGE plane but nothing I’ve ever heard as I live near the airport. The booms are just loud explosive sounding. I haven’t found any information about them blasting in the area for construction. WTF?? Anyone else hearing anything?

I’m in Old Hickory (east of Nashville), and I’ve heard some ‘booms’ this morning. At first I thought it was a neighbor working on something, or maybe a car door slamming in the driveway. But there’s nobody within eyesight – so it must have been something pretty big if I couldn’t see where it was coming from. I also heard a rather huge plane fly overhead. The airport is only 7-10 miles from here, so I hear planes all day long. But THIS plane had to be huge (military). It kind of had that rocket rumble to it.

Our house is near a train track and a rock quarry. We are use to the booms of the train cars when the hook up and stop and start. I grew up in West Nashville and know what a rock quarry or road construction blast sounds and feels like. The booms we heard a few weeks ago were totally different. My wife and I looked right at each other immediately. Then another one. It sounded like distant cannon fire and repeated a few times for about 30 minutes. This was on a Sunday evening at twilight so it was not construction or blasting and was nothing like the train line in the area. IT was spooky. I even thought about calling the sheriff for a moment but then it stopped.

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  1. We always hear it too. We live near the hospital in Clarksville and it almost sounds like thunder, but it’s too uniform of a sound. It seems random when we hear it though. Usually at night, but not always. Never anything in sight. We suspect it may be military?

  2. It’s October 16th 2013 and my entire family and Facebook friends have heard loud booms in clarksville, TN. My daughter said it sounded like a giant transformer taking over clarksville. Whatever it is, I’m not liking it. It started around 9 and its 11:30 now and i just heard another. If it was military, I wish they would let us know. Tired of the rumble and hope it isnt serious..

    • I live Hopkinsville. We are hearing it to.. I hear toys it’s being heard in the sango area, Woodlawn and even close to Ashland city.. I assume it’s a training exercise but your right, it’s loud. Sounds like a war zone.. And no one knows what’s going on.. I heard a low flying plane that rattled my windows and shock my house around 11:30. After that the booming seems to have slowed down and possible stopped.

  3. My neighbors and I heard a very loud profound boom tonight at 8:19 pm 4-20-13 and it shook us at the same time. My neighbor thinks it was an earthquake. I don’t know I’ve never experienced an earthquake. It was certainly weird and an eerie feeling because we are 90 miles East of West, Texas. I sent an email to the weather channel to see if they might know if it was an earthquake. I did call 911 and they had no reports of anything. If you live close to Palestine did you hear and feel this?

  4. There have been huge explosions for months now in Clarksville TN. They don’t sound loud enough to shake my house; however they vibrate the house and they are very far away. Im not sure if it could be Artillery at Fort Campbell or something but its definently odd to feel it that far away.

  5. Weird how most booms I’ve been reading about all over the world tend to be happening after dusk. We’ve had unexplained booms here in Warren, Michigan, as well. Well, if it’s aliens…sure hope they are here to help earth survive before humans destroy it.

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