Mystery Booms in Bath at Fairfield Park, London Road, Whiteway and Cleveland Place, UK – April 7 2013


mysterious booms in bath april 2013

Two mysterious booms have beeen reported six minutes apart at 11.43pm and 11.49pm, last night, April 7 2013 in Bath at Fairfield Park, London Road, Whiteway and Cleveland PlacePeople. These mysterious booms were were not experienced in every part of the city. These weird noises were compared to that of an explosion and were much louder than fireworks. Although investigating the source of the noise during the night, the police and the fire service have no clues about the origin of these two booming explosions. Sonic booms? Well, I think they would have been reported over the entire city. So my best bet is an explosion. Indeed, the detonation were local and not heard over the entire city. Hope we will know soon!

Some reports of witnesses:

“Yep, I’ve heard 2. They’re bloody loud as well, made me jump!”This is Bath

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