Strange Sounds Videos From Europe: Glasgow Scotland, Leeds UK, Raseiniai Lituania, Germany – April 2013


haarp worldwide location map 2013

Strange Noises From Sky Glasgow Scotland April 4 2013

Can any body else hear strange noises coming from the sky also…??? Glasgow Shawlands (Scotland), 4th April 2013

Strange Sounds in the sky over Leeds UK April 3 2013

The strange sounds lasted about 30 minutes. Any ideas what this could be? I’ve seen lots of similar videos on here with similar sounds being heard. Yes as you say, these strange sounds remain mysterious!

Strange noises from the sky Lithuania April 2013

I just heard a sound from heaven. A very strange sound. Exact location in Lithuania, Raseiniai district Viduklė. 2013-04-04

NEW strange sounds recorded in GERMANY April 2013

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  1. If you have been reading in the news, fracking will soon take place (2014) in Scotland and Ireland. HAARP is used to find deep oil deposits and I am guessing that this is what is being heard- the disturbance of ions in the air, and perhaps the respond of the earth deep below. Any other sounds being heard seem to also be targets of new oil exploration, or “fracking”.

  2. The man from UK Glasgow, you did not leave your email address as a way to be contacted. Yes I head the same as you recorded just two days earlier in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. It went on from about 12:00 a.m until 3:30 am. in the morning. I was awake the entire time. It did not stop. I have my theories and would love to discuss with someone of intellengence. If you feel compelled to help solve this, let me know, I have some money if necessary and the brains. Lets do it. I am concerned it may be man made and it is pissing me off that someone can experiement with the world without the worlds concent!!!! If it is man made. All they have to do to incapacitate an entire region and the world population is turn up the amplitude to drive any human crazy and you will do what they want just to get them to turn it off. The type of weapon is incredible in its ability to incapacitate the entire population like no weapon before. But the questions is who is behind it and why do they want to do this if this is the case??? Write back to me at so we can discuss.

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