Massive Tornadoes Destruct Granbury near Fort Worth in Texas: Videos and Photos – May 15 2013


Ten tornadoes wreak havoc across Fort Worth – including one a MILE wide – causing ‘multiple fatalities’ and injuring at least 100. Scroll down to videos!

Here a photo of one tornado just south of Priddy, Texas headed towards Hamilton today – as multiple tornadoes hit across the north Texas area.

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Hood County officials confirm at least three people were killed and another 16 critically injured by the storm. As shown in the next photo, the 10 tornadoes were part of a system of severe thunderstorms that spawned several tornadoes across North Texas – causing major damage and loss of life.

tornado DFW area texas may 2013

Up to 75 homes have been destroyed across the area affected. Here a trucking company trailer landed on a car that was parked in front of a Lindsey Ln. home in Cleburne Texas.

tornado hits Fort worth area in texas may 2013

Here a video of a large tornado just southeast of Mineral Wells, Texas. Reports of mass casualties from this same supercell in Hood Co, TX. Tornadoes reported all around the DFW area.

Here another video showing the destruction of these tornadoes in Grandbury

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