Video: Amazing tornado on the sun

Giant tornado on the sun
Giant tornado on the sun. via NASA

NASA has captured an incredible moment of a massive solar tornado, 14 times bigger than that of earth, swirling over the sun’s surface.

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The whirlwind was 74,500 miles high and swirled at a speed of 310,000 miles per hour.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a massive ‘tornado’ on the sun in multiple wavelengths from March 15-18, 2023. Unlike the Earth, tornadoes on the sun are controlled by magnetism.

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Although there is a huge “why” that surrounds this phenomenon, astronomers think that the prominence, or filament, may be connected in some way to the sun’s magnetic field reversal that takes place once each cycle.

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  1. There is something like a black ball on top of that plasma tornado… Like something would suck that plasma, Nibiru or portal to higher densities…

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