What Was the Mysterious Boom in Smyrna Tennessee Monday night? A Meteor Explosion Or Fracking?


Residents in the area of Smyrna reported some loud “BOOM” sound Monday night at around 8:30 P.M.. The source of these loud booming sounds remains however unexplained. Going through the check list given in this article, these booms seem not to be anthropogenic sources ( neither police nor military trainings; no construction work; no crash at the airport, no explosion). No earthquakes happened in the area.

So that leaves us with the big question… What was that big “BOOM” sound that was heard Monday? It seems as if we cannot find the answer to that mystery. Here two of my best bets:

Fracking is an ongoing process in the area. Meteor as they explode someties emit loud booming noises!

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  1. We heard it. We were ion the house and it sounded like it came from the upstairs of our house, but no one else was home. Alarmed, we immediately went outside and neighbors on both sides and across the street were all coming out of their houses looking for what blew up. We all heard the same thing – a single very, very loud boom, but there was no smoke. Been looking through the news but no reports of anything unusual. Best guess is it was a sonic boom, but from what?

    • We heard it too. The entire neighborhood shook!! I’ve read about these happening all over the globe, but never thought I’d experience one…in Smyrna!!

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