Yosemite Park Fire: The Simultaneously Terrible and Beautiful Timelapse of the Yosemite Rim Fire


yosemite park fire view from sky august 2013 , yosemite  fire looked like from space on Monday (via NASA):


Yosemite Park fire view from space on Monday August 26 2013 (NASA

The massive Rim Fire spreading into Yosemite National Park has slowed down recently as the weather begins to cooperate with efforts to stop it. And now that the danger to the park has subsided a bit, officials there posted a timelapse compilation of the blaze’s approach. It’s simultaneously terrifying and beautiful:

As explained in the video description:

The first part of this video is from the Crane Flat Helibase. The fire is currently burning in wilderness and is not immediately threatening visitors or employees. The second half of the video is from Glacier Point, showing Yosemite Valley, and how little the smoke from the fire has impacted the Valley.

As of Wednesday morning, the Rim Fire had burned 187,466 acres, and is expected to become the 6th largest wildfire in California history!

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