Dangerous US Sinkholes Swallow a Recycling Truck is St-Louis and Kill a Person in Middletown


Large sinkholes are opening up every day around the USA. Here, I feature two tragic cave-ins that occurred on september 24 2013 and which swallowed a garbage truck in ST-Louis, Missouri and killed a man in Middletown, Delaware.

1. Huge sinkhole swallows garbage truck in St-Louis Missouri – September 24 2013

A garbage truck fell into a sinkhole Tuesday morning after the roadway collapsed beneath it at around 6:45 a.m. in the alley between the 1400 block of Angelica Street and Newhouse Avenue. (SOURCE)


2. Sinkhole Kills Worker in Middletown Delaware – September 23 2013

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This is where a construction worker died Monday after being trapped in the earth by what is being described as a freak sinkhole. The man was reportedly standing outside the reinforced pit seen on the right when the ground beneath him gave way. Photo by Scott Goss

A contractor’s employee was killed Monday when a fell into a sinkhole while working on a sewer line extension near the Westown Movies Theater. The tragical accident occurred at 11:54AM. At this time, he was reportedly still conscious and able to speak.  It took several hours to clear away a large enough area to safely recover the dead’s body, which had sunk nearly 15 feet by the time it was removed at about 5:45 p.m. The sinkhole opened up because of large quantity of groundwater in the area. Be careful and look at this map to avoid regions with too many sinkholes. (SOURCE)

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