Giant sinkhole drains swimming pool in seconds during party in Israel, killing one (videos and pictures)

A giant sinkhole drained a pool during party in Israel killing 1. Crazy video of the dramatic event
A giant sinkhole drained a pool during party in Israel killing 1. Crazy video of the dramatic event. Via TJP

A huge sinkhole opened up under a swimming pool and swallowed up the entire volume of water and colorful inflatable toys during an outdoor party in Israel, leaving the pool empty as guests dangerously stood around the edge of the hole. Sadly, one person was injured while another body was found inside the pit hours later.

The giant sinkhole opened in a private pool in the yard of a villa in Carmei Yosef during a marketing company’s pool party on Thursday, with two people being swept into it. One of them, a 34-year-old man, rescued himself while the body of the other was found after hours of searches by emergency services.

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The 34-year-old man who was at the party and fell into the pit is in a light condition, conscious, and suffering from injuries to his limbs. The dead body was recovered hours later at the end of the 15-meter-long cavity.

Footage from the incident shows the water being pulled into the gaping hole, as the partygoers attempt to grasp onto something in order to not be sucked inside. The video also shows the inflatables that were in the pool being swept into the pit and disappearing.

MDA paramedic Uri Damari said: “This is a very unusual incident. When I got to the scene I saw a pit that had opened at the bottom of the empty pool. People who were at the site told me that the pit opened suddenly and within a few seconds all the water of the pool was pulled in.” [Jerusalem Post] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  2. That was just very poorly constructed pool, you can see they had raised up the whole area prior to putting the pool on top. there was already a massive cavern under it and that pool was made from plastic. That was not a sink hole opening, just engineering going bad.

    • Alex,
      I don’t see any rebar or plaster. It does look low budget. Weird how most of the people sat around oblivious to the danger? I would have been long gone from that sinkhole.

      Had 2 ponds (no liner on small one)at my ranch. A sandhole opened up and all the water drained out of the small pond. It was more of a mudhole for the ducks and geese to splash in. Anyways, we bored 13′ deep down the hole and filled and packed. Turned the area into a bbq pit, filled with 3/8″ minus red cinders, and made a 3′ oval landscape block wall around it. I had a huge tortoise and it would have been his yard, but he died.

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