Not One, But Three New Islands Following Major Pakistan’s Earthquake


When the shock of the temblor subsided on Tuesday, people living in the coastal town of Gwadar were stunned to see a new island in the sea. That’s not all. Two other islands have come up along the Balochistan coast.

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People visiting the new island following Pakistan’s earthquake, off Pakistan’s Gwadar coastline in the Arabian Sea, have now two other mud islands. (Reuters photo)

The island near Gwadar is about 600 feet in diameter and has a height of about 30 feet. Moreover, gas was coming out of the island, which primarily consists of stones and soft mud. This island had already been witnessed 60 years ago after another large quake.

The additional two new islands are near Ormara town and smaller. They have a diameter of about 30-40 feet and a height of about 2-3 feet and gas gas is also coming out. These two new islands were formed following the massive earthquake that rocked Balochistan province Tuesday and may fade away.

But this is not the first time islands appear off Pakistan’s coast: In 1945, two big islands had formed. One was two kilometers long while the other was half kilometre long.

According to the last numbers, the 7.7-magnitude earthquake has killed 348 people and destructed about 20,000 houses. (SOURCE)

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