NC Woman falls in massive sinkhole after ground collapses at Winston-Salem car dealership

Woman falls in sinkhole after ground collapses at Winston-Salem car dealership
NC Woman falls in sinkhole after ground collapses at Winston-Salem car dealership. Via Youtube video

A North Carolina woman escaped with just minor injuries Monday after falling into a sinkhole at a used car dealership.

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Kia Long-Gyant said the ground collapsed beneath her in the parking lot as she came out of the back door of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, where she was getting her car detailed.

I pulled into the parking lot, got out, went into the building, came out with the salesperson and the ground collapsed beneath me,” Long-Gyant said.

Firefighters got her out of the sinkhole safely.

Long-Gyant was hospitalized with scrapes and bruises but no broken bones.

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According to the Winston-Salem Fire Department, the hole was roughly 15 feet wide and 8 feet deep.

A department spokesperson couldn’t identify a cause, but Tracy Myers, the dealership owner, said an underground pipe collapsed.

Myers is working with the city to identify the exact cause and repair the pipe.

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I’ve seen sinkholes on movies and television shows but never here and never here in Winston-Salem. Obviously, they do happen. The fire department told us that they’re fairly common. But don’t think it happens in the middle of any business parking lot,” Myers said.

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