Hitler’s Gestapo Chef – Heinrich Mueller – is Buried in a Jewish Cemetery in Berlin


Irony? The fact that one of the most brutal Nazi sadists is buried in a Jewish cemetery is a tasteless atrocity!

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Heinrich Mueller – the Head of the Gestapo – is Buried in a Jewish Cemetery in Berlin. Photo: Keystone

Heinrich Mueller was one of the main actors responsible for the Jews genocide during the Second World War. As the head of Adolf Hitler’s Secret State Police (Gestapo) he is behind countless atrocities.

As the newspaper ‘Bild’ writes, the Nazi criminal has been buried in a mass grave at the Jewish Cemetery in Berlin-Mitte in 1945.

This affirmation is based on different documents found during an archive research and led by Johannes Tuchel, head of the German Resistance Memorial. According to Tuchel’s information, the corpse of Müller was found in August 1945 in a temporary grave near the former Air Ministry with his identification card and a photo stuck in the left pocket of his general’s uniform.

This disgusting discovery contradicts suspicions of intelligence agencies around the world, which have long tought that Müller had survived the war. In 1949, it was even assumed that Müller had assigned residence in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in Czech Republic.

About Heinrich Mueller

Heinrich Mueller was one of the most powerful actors of the Nazi regime. He directed the alleged attack of Polish soldiers on a German radio station, which provided Adolf Hitler the excuse to attack Poland in 1939.

Moreover, as head of the Gestapo, Müller supervised almost all crimes that have been planned, prepared and perpetrated under Hitler. He was involved in the planning and execution of the genocide of the Jews in the Soviet Union.

No one wants Nazi’s funerals

On October 16, 2013, Erich Priebke, another Nazi criminal, died in Rome. His body is not welcome in neither in Argentina, where he lived and wanted to be buried nor in Italy and Germany. (SOURCE)

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