Mystery Hum in St-Ouen: Unexplained sound intensifies in Channel Islands, NJ


The Channel Islands mystery hum was first reported in 2005. Now, the strange sound intensifies!

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It may sound like a case for X-Files detectives Mulder and Scully, but Islanders have been keen to help solve the mystery of the unexplained humming in St Ouen, Jersey. Puzzled Channel Islanders in a neighborhood dubbed the ‘Millais Triangle’ are appealing for help after finding themselves at the center of a bizarre mystery. They have been left scratching their heads – and covering their ears – by a low-frequency noise which hums constantly day and night.

The noise began in 2005, but this year got so loud that one resident contacted the Public Health department. Although the team established that there was a noise, they were unable to say what was causing it. Some are getting desperate to solve the mystery of this distant diesel engine like noise that is going all the time.

Did you hear this bizarre noise these days?

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