Hunting Strategy: The Secrets Of Snow-Diving Foxes


Even if you’re invisible, He’ll Eat You Anyway!

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Photo of a fox in the snow. Photo:

I’m a fox… A hungry fox… However, my food is recovered by about 3 feet of snow. I feel it’s moving, it’s small, but still good enough for my stomach… So how does an above-ground fox catch an underground mouse? It’s just incredible: The fox literally dives headfirts in the snow!

So an ordinary fox can stalk a mole, mouse, vole or shrew from a distance of 25 feet, using its sensitive hearing and its extra gift: the fox senses the Earth’s magnetic field. This means the fox can hear its food’s barely audible rustling sound, hiding almost two car lengths away.

Do you know other animals having this amazing behavior? Do you also have the magnetic sense?

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