This Map Shows Where The American Dream is Dead


This is not racial but regional segregation!  There are some places in America where it’s somewhat easier to become the next Bill Gates than others.

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This map features where the American dream is out of date. Photo:

This map shows where the American dream is dead and buried. Red indicates low economic mobility while pale yellow represents places with higher economic mobility (economic mobility = ability to go from being poor to rich).

This map published in a new study from economists at Harvard University and the University of California-Berkeley reveals that cities in the South and the Rust Belt have extremely low levels of economic mobility (ability to go from being poor to rich).

Into more concrete terms: Someone born in the bottom fifth of the income ladder in Atlanta, Georgia, where economic mobility is low, has a 4.5 percent chance of reaching the top fifth of the income ladder. Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., a city with high economic mobility, the chance of moving up the income ladder is about 11 percent.

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