Fabulous Timelapses of Extreme Storms and Northern Lights


Tired of northern lights and storm timelapses? Watch these videos and rediscover the beauty of Aurora Borelis and the eerie awesomeness of ferocious lightning storms!

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Extreme storm gif. Photo: Sploid

You probably have seen too many different storm and aurora borealis videos and/ or timelapses. I think the ones you are about to watch will still blow your mind…

The first timelapse, called Huelux, is magical. It jumps from amazing sky, northern lights and milkyway footages to furious and terrifying videos of storms and lightnings. I just got mystified!

This next video is from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea facing Hilo, Hawaii. It shows an unusual thunderstorm over the east side of the island on December 29 2013:

Finally, this last video presents the Climax, Kansas storm in 2014. So impressive!

Do you also have any videos or timelapses? Add them in the comments!

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