Mystery Booms and rumblings in Highgate Baffle Residents and Experts – April 10 2014


What are these mysterious noises and rumblings heard in Shepherd’s Hill and Archway Road area of Highgate by residents? Experts are left perplexed and baffled.

People in the area are reporting these weird sky boom since 18 mounths. And it is now that experts try to solve the mystery phenomenon. Isn’t it a bit too long?

mystery booms baffle highgate (UK)
mystery booms baffle highgate (UK)

The last boom rattled Highgate on Monday, April 7, 2014. One Twitter user supposedly reported hearing another loud bang on Tuesday night at about 10pm in Crouch End. They all sounded like a very loud explosion, as if a car or gas exploded.

Gas explosions, electrical substation explosion, explosive works, lightning, earthquakes, meteor, jet sonic booms, bangers have all been rejected as possible source. Are these UFOs? I do not believe, but who knows?

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