Mystery: Honey Bees Attend Keeper’s Funeral

Always tell the bees!


Humans and animals are linked by an inseparable bond!

Honeybees have attended their beekeepers funerals!

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Do animals have a collective consciousness? At least they attend their beekeeper’s funeral. Image: thewallpaperdb

At least twice in our short history honey bees have attended their beekeepers funerals. In 1934, when Sam Roger’s died in Shropshire, England, his bees paid their farewell at his graveside funeral. They landed on a nearby tombstone and as soon as he was buried they departed.

When John Zepka of Berkshire Hills near Adams, Mass. died on April 27, 1956, thousands of his bees clustered inside the tent at the open grave site to pay their respect to the beekeeper who never wore any protective gear. As his coffin was lowered into the earth, the bees left the tent and returned to their hive on Zepka’s farm.

How did the bees know their trusted and loyal human friend had perished and furthermore, where to go to mourn their loss? Their collective consciousness knew.

Recalled was the tradition, ‘Telling the bees‘, inviting honey bees to the funeral of their beekeeper.

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