Real World Portal At Exploratorium San Francisco: This Giant Concave Mirror Creates A Perfect Image!

Amazing giant concave mirror experiments at Exploratorium in San Francisco!


This tour guide demonstrates a giant concave mirror that creates a perfect image… Awesomness!

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Real World Portal: The Exploratorium’s Giant Mirror. Photo:

When I started looking at this video… I did not understand the point… And then it blew my mind!

This guide at the Exploratorium in San Francisco baffles his visitors with a huge concave mirror. First he whispers to the image of a girl in the mirror and she feels as if he was whispering directly into her ear. But what amazed me at most is the light experiment. Look yourself! WOW!

But if you try to do these tests in front of your mirrors, it will not work! Science is so freaking cool! The physics behind this giant concave mirror is explained here.

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