Mystery Booms And Strange Sounds Around The World – August 2014


Here some reports of Mystery Booms And Strange Sounds Around The World – August 2014 from my blog comments.

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Reports of strange sounds and mysterious booms around the world – August 2014

Strange Sounds in Los Angeles, California

On 8/7/14 at 4am my husband & I woke up to hear a loud, jet engine like sound (somewhat like a rocket engine) coming from outside. It was incredibly loud, and seemed to be coming from the South East in the sky. There was nothing outside, nothing in the sky. There was a slight metallic, pitch fork tonality behind the loud rumble / whir noise. The tone seemed to change, at times growing more high pitched, and louder. But not as if something were moving closer & farther, but rather like the change in tone when you tune a guitar string. A pitch variance. We called the police dept and they said several people had reported it. It abruptly stopped at 430 am, as if someone turned an off switch. I found one person on social media who heard it, but with no explanation. I live in Los Angeles, in the city of Tarzana, South of Venura Blvd. Did anyone else hear this? I’m shocked that in a city so large, I can only find one person who heard this. Probably an industry buzzing noise?


Mystery booms in Anthem, Arizona

I ALSO heard the strange boom on July Third, around @ ten forty-five …It started out like thunder, but continued to crescendo into a much louder booming noise that shook my home like an earthquake…in fact, the windows rattled uncontrollably and when I checked my property the next day, I found twelve long cracks on the stucco in different areas of my house! ALSO, My neighbors and I have also heard Sound Waves at different times of the day, but mostly in the late evening and early am. These noises seem to be coming from the ground or air but it is indistinguishable…It almost sounds like someone is quickly rolling their large garbage receptacle across the yard…very strange and it seems to cover a wide area. We live on the East side of Anthem, AZ. Could be linked to army exercises at Luke Air Force Base?


Strange Sounds in Europe

Well, i don’t know what it is, but it sure is creepy! Im not from the UK but i’m from a country nearby, and its not the first time in the last couple of years that i’ve heard strange sounds coming out of nowhere. One of the times, not too long ago, 2 or 3 weeks ago i can’t remember which day i was in living room watching TV and suddenly i heard 2 bangs, like someone was hinting a hammer in a metal plate or something, which is strange because it was around 1 AM and 2nd, not a lot of people live nearby. I went out of the house with my flashlight and went too the font of the house which was where the sound seemed to be coming from, but i looked for 5 minutes and nothing, so i went back in just to hear it again 5 minutes later. To this date i don’t know what it was. This whole this is crazy, i don’t know if its tectonic plates moving around, or the magnetic field changing(o hope not because that takes a lot of time to happen and the magnetic field gets weaker so we will get hit hard by solar flares), or aliens, i don’t know, i’m just feel some relief that i’m not the only one hearing this things. Yes man you are hearing the HUM!


3:40 a.m. July 31, Shiloh, IL – same noise work me up. It was not as loud as the video posted here and did not last as long.


Strange Sound in Auckland, New Zealand – The Auckland Hum

I am living in Massey, West Auckland. I can hear it all the time. It’s killing me.
I thought it’s one of electrinoic appliances. However, after I turned off power, water, gas and even called Vector to investigate the network, the sound still exists. I went to neighbours’ house and surround areas, I can all hear the humming sound. I went to one of my friends’ new house in Hobsonville point, also can hear. The Auckland Hum


Strange Sounds in the USA

In Merced County the whole month of July early-morning and afternoon there has been loud explosions or sonic booms. Strange… I live in amador county also, and have been hearing these big booms daily over the last week or two. Still mysteries

Thank you for reporting us all the strange sounds and mystery booms you are hearing around the world!

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  1. My wife and I were awakened and heard two very loud metallic booms, within a split second of each other, at about 2:20 am in Calaveras County, CA [USA] on August 17. It was like explosive concussions on a windless dark night. I got up and looked around for damage, etc. but found nothing. A similar event had occurred several years before amidst similar numerous reports acccompanying sighted meteroic hits in a nearby county (Amador). Thanks.

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