Strange Noises From The Sky In Cambridge, Ontario July 22 2014


These strange noises from the sky were recorded by Gary Robert Tinnes in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on July 22 2014.

What do you think they are?

Please note that other ambient noises are a highway and an airliner climbing through 10000ft.

Here the information added to the video:

After wondering about all of the videos popping up from around the world with strange sounds (most I assume are fakes), I was surprised I had never heard heard anything myself. Well yesterday morning I was enlightened with a strange noise that repeated over and over for about 5 minutes and I was able to capture some of it. I would like to apologize for the bad video/filming quality as I was not using my professional camera and I was only really planning to capture sound. Due to privacy, I adjusted the contrast to protect other people/items in the video. This is a portion of the full clip, but it becomes redundant in the last minute or two.

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These strange noises from the sky were recorded in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on July 22, 2014.

One important thing to note is how prominent the mystery noise is when active in the clip. To me the sound reminds me of blowing into a bottle, rim of a wine glass, low chimes etc.

The were no wind, just a slight haze and fog. What is the source of this mystery noise?

Cambridge Ontario is enclosed by water! Maybe the sound is a boat foghorn of some sort?

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