70-Million Years Old Dinosaur Egg Containing Intact Embryo Being Analyzed In Mississippi


What could be most amazing than a 70-Million years old dinosaur egg?

Probably when the fossilized egg still contains an intact embryo! Such a rare find is now being analyzed by scientists in Mississippi!

STARKVILLE, MS – After the discovery of the largest dinosaur in the world, a scientist in Mississippi is conducting tests on a rare find. He wants to learn more about a fossilized dinosaur egg that’s believed to be 70-million years old.

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This dinosaur fossilized egg contains an intact embryo. Photo: FoxNews

Inside the geology department at Mississippi State University, one man is on a mission to see exactly what’s inside this rock. “This is a whole egg, with the embryo intact inside,” said owner John Paul Jones. The traditional way to look inside dinosaur eggs without cutting them open is to use a two-dimensional CT scan. But now John Paul wants to take things to the next level, using a synchrotron scanner at the National Museum of Wales in the United Kingdom. “A synchrotron which is a particle collider, it goes around and around,” said Jones. Even though John Paul is looking at the egg under a microscope, he hopes to create a three-dimensional scan of the fossilized embryo using the synchrotron technology, which could unlock new information about dinosaurs. “It gives us a clearer picture of what life was like back then,” said Jones. The egg synchrotron analyzes are planed for March of 2015.

John Paul just hasn’t found only one dinosaur egg. He has found many in the state of Montana. But an egg containing a fossilized embryo is just amazingly rare.

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