Humming Sounds And Loud Booms Reports: September 2014


Humming Sounds And Loud Booms Reports for September 2014 and from all over the world! Thank you for your help!

Flash and booms in Acworth/Kennesaw Georgia – September 28, 2014

There was a 15 minute period tonight around 7 or 8pm in Acworth/Kennesaw Georgia of nonstop booms. I heard them from multiple locations in the area. Saw flashing lights for a brief second from Highway 41. No idea what it could be but it sounded like a shooting range, a carpet bombing, or fireworks. The sound travelled for miles.

High-pitched sound in Chandler, Arizona – September 28, 2014

I live in Chandler, Arizona. The time now is 11:54. pm. I just heard, for the last 15 minutes+ a VERY DEEP siren sound that was piercing my ears and brain, is how I would describe it. I was watching a video on my laptop with the speakers playing loudly and all of the sudden I hear this siren and I thought it was the video so I pause it and it continued. I looked over at my cat and her ears were turning every direction trying to locate the sound. I have no idea what this was and I have never heard anything like this before.

Loud Booms and fireball video by Enigma Seeker. Visit his great Youtube page!

Booms and rumblings in Joshua Tree, Ca – September 20, 2014

I live in the south end of Joshua tree national park. This morning I woke up about 6a to very low rumbling of in the distance and then about 2-3seconds would pass and my house windows would shake. This happens about 7 times and then stopped for a while. About 20min later heard it again…. It’s like i could hear it coming and then it would hit us and my house windows would rattle again. I heard it a bit later only 3 more times and then since then it is afternoon that I just hear every now and again a very low rumble.
I’m wondering if the military base is doing something, maybe some kind of testing???

Weird noises in Florida – September 14, 2014

Last night, 11:00, midnight, 12:45 am, three loud booms. I am in Palmetto, FL. The house shook. No idea what this could have been. Military perhaps? Saw a huge navy plane flying low in the sky two days ago.

I just heard a loud sound similar to whats been described. 11:30 pm, 9/14/14 saint augustine fl… I thought maybe a meteorite was coming down, but no shockwave or lights…

Strange sounds in the sky in Pitts, Pa – September 14, 2014

Loud sound woke me at 10:30am est, 9-14-2014 20 miles south west of Pitts. PA. Sounded like a jet at takeoff at close range. Duration of about 8 seconds. I asked around but no one else heard it. The people I asked are indoor types that wouldn’t hear a toronado. My imagination?

Humming noise in Singapore – September 10, 2014

I live in Singapore and I’ve heard the same sound only not continuously like that.. It’s more of like a huge trumpet sound and I thought maybe some orchestra was having their rehearsal or something but it wasn’t and I freaked me out! I guess maybe Mother Earth is groaning because of the shit people pull everyday like wars, deforestation, etc. Earth be like “Getting tired of your shit humans….Ugggghhhh.”

Strange Sounds in Glasgow – September 7, 2014

I live in Glasgow, Scotland and am currently listening to the same noise everyone has described. It’s around 5am here. It’s not the first time I’ve woken to this. It’s best described as a constant jet engine sound but also with an electric moaning sound. Has anyone found anything in the way of science to explain what might be causing this?

Sonic booms over Victoria, BC – August 27 2014

Victoria bc, Canada… Just heard very loud low flying jet liner type noise that lasted 9 mins or so. I herd the same thing last night at approx same time as tonight.. Around 2am in the morning. No planes in site when I looked outside at the sky…. Wtf

Loud booms in Ephrata, Pennsylvania – August 22, 2014

Hello, On Friday August 22, 2014, around 8:30 pm heard what sounded like a loud trumpet sounding over the skies of Ephrata, Pa. There were two other people also standing by us only they did not hear it. It was amazing. I have never heard anything like it. Has anyone else ever heard anything like this?

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humming sound and loud booms around the world

Maybe you can help this follower:

I am trying to find any archival or anecdotal information regarding a series of unexplained loud booms, with a shock wave, which occurred in parts of Lee and Darlington Counties, South Carolina around 9pm in May of either 2000 or 2001. I’m “leaning” towards this occurring on May 25, 2001, actually, if my memory serves me correctly. The incident was reported in “The State” newspaper, but I am unable to find any record of this using the archives search online. I experienced these booms personally while outside walking one of my dogs, and the shock wave from at least one of the series of four explosions was powerful enough to knock me over backwards. There was no flash or other visible sign of an explosion and I do recall that the article specifically stated that no seismic activity was recorded by the USGS within the state that might have accounted for the booms. Oddly enough, immediately prior to the booms, I observed an Apache helicopter(100% of that ID), complete with the rocket launchers on the sides, traveling very slowly, at a very low altitude, with all the lights activated on the outside, moving in an easterly direction parallel to Kelly Bridge Road in northern Lee County. The helicopter was flying erratically, and the engine did not sound right, more like it was “misfiring”, and I actually assumed that the crew were looking for a spot to make an emergency landing in the cotton field next to my house. I live within 30 minutes of Shaw AFB, so I am used to seeing Apaches and other military helicopters, but I got the impression that there was something very wrong with this one. It did not land, however, but continued flying over the highway towards the town of Hartsville, in Darlington County. About the time that the sound of the rotors faded, the loud explosions took place, and my first thought as I picked myself up from the ground was that the helicopter had either crashed and exploded or that the missiles had accidentally been fired. My grandfather, who lived on the other side of field, drove up to my place afterwards to check on me. The blasts had been strong enough to crack some windows in his house. All of my dogs and dogs around the neighborhood in the community of Ashland were barking and howling for quite some time following the blasts and were clearly upset. I do recall the news article mentioning that people in the community of Pine Ridge, north of Hartsville in Darlington County, had called into their sheriff’s office to report loud explosions and described seeing a helicopter with rocket launchers, as well, at the same time I experienced this, even though this community is about a 15 minute drive from where I live. There was no report of a helicopter crash or inadvertent launch of any missiles, nor any indications of an earthquake at the time.

Loud Booms Sun Valley, California – August 24, 2014 – NAPA VALLEY EARTHQUAKE SOUND?

Heard a loud boom sound in sun valley ca at 2:00 on 8/24/14. Went outside nothing. It was so loud it set off all the car alarms in the neighborhood. Didn’t here any police or fire vehicles. Wonder what it was? I been seeing all the stories about the mystery booms and now I hear one for myself.

Loud Booms Albuquerque – August 23 2014

Last night as I lay in bed around 1:00 am, I heard what sounded like a low grumbling noise, except that it sounded like it was coming from underground. I almost sounded like thunder from underground. I’ve never heard this before and it was a little unsettling. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Loud Booms in California – August 19 2014

My wife and I were awakened and heard two very loud metallic booms, within a split second of each other, at about 2:20 am in Calaveras County, CA [USA] on August 17. It was like explosive concussions on a windless dark night. I got up and looked around for damage, etc. but found nothing. A similar event had occurred several years before amidst similar numerous reports acccompanying sighted meteroic hits in a nearby county (Amador). Thanks.

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  1. At about 9 pm tonight, just a few minutes ago, I was sitting on the front porch in the South Valley. There was a loud boom that sounded like it was from underground. The neighbors dogs went nuts. It was a very deep sound, like an explosion underground. Albuquerque, New Mexico October 26th 2014

  2. At about 9 pm tonight, just a few minutes ago, I was sitting on the front porch in the South Valley. There was a loud boom that sounded like it was from underground. The neighbors dogs went nuts. It was a very deep sound, like an explosion underground. Albuquerque, New Mexico

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