Stonehenge Mystery Solved: Ancient Neolithic Site Was A Complete Circle


It’s a puzzle that has taken 4000 years to solve: was Stonehenge built in a complete circle?

Stonehenge mystery solved 4000 years on: it was built in a circle!

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Stonehenge was built in a circle! Photo: Snapper Media

Extensive tests and excavations carried out at the site on countless occasions have failed to shed any light on the great mystery, with historians remaining unsure about where missing stones were originally placed. It turns out all they needed was a garden hose.

So what did the hose do that historians couldn’t? Well, it’s more about what it couldn’t do.

Usually the grass around Stonehenge is watered to keep it looking healthy for the hordes of tourists that swarm to the site every day, but this year the caretakers found their hose was too short to reach the southwest side. This shortcoming actually ended being a blessing in disguise, with the ground drying out and revealing parched grass. This showed the location of missing stones which had once filled out the circle.

Stonehenge mystery solved: It was really built in a circle!

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