Sonic Boom Near Clearwater, Florida? But Where is the plane?


Hi everybody,

I just received this message from someone living at Pinellas Park, Florida and asking about what could be the cause of this loud, roaring and booming noise that she heard yesterday afternoon. Did you also hear it? Do you have an explanation? My best guess is a jet sonic boom but I haven’t found anything in the news yet. Tell us if you have a solution to our Florida mystery noise! Thank You!

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City of Pinellas Park Florida.

Here the message:

This afternoon (Sunday, 10/19/2014) I was standing outside of my house, talking with my daughter at her car, which was NOT running. At one point, her friend got out of the car to stretch her legs, then got back in the car.

Suddenly, my daughter & I heard a really loud, weird noise; think sci-fi, wrenching, metallic noise hidden within a penetrating midrange electrical hum. We thought her friend had put something in the cd player, turned up loud.

However, in that same instant, we both turned toward the western horizon/tree line and together said, “Oh, it’s just a jet.” We “watched” the sound as it tavelled from several degrees below the treeline on that western horizon and came closer & closer & closer, then “watched” the sound as it roared right over our heads and continued toward the east, BUT WE NEVER SAW A PLANE!

I was facing the west while talking to her, from the moment she arrived 15 minutes prior and did see and hear a couple of Piper Cub type planes and had as well been following the progress of a high flying jet laying out a chem-trail, which was travelling from the northeast toward the south, when she pulled up (I always watch the sky), so I would’ve seen even a supersonic plane before a boom, had there been one.

We live about 8-10 miles away from Clearwater-St. Petersburg Airport and have large commercial, small private, USCG and Army “Hercules” planes passing overhead on various flight paths at all hrs. Many of the newer planes are quiet (we’ve also seen the large silent ones…weird) and of course the military cargo planes are deep-rumble loud enough to have to raise your voice to be heard.

But THIS jet sound was even louder than that…it actually did uncomfortable things to my heart…and with a background whine resembling one of those WWII Migg bombs as they were incoming.

The noise lasted for about 2 mins, west to east, ending as my cell phone alarm went off at 3:45. Now, I’ve thought and reasoned and pondered on this all day long (and now it’s Mon, Oct 20th, 3:15a.m.) and the only conclusion I can come to is that the so-called “cloaking” technology NASA & other entities have been testing may have been perfected…and they just “forgot” to update us with those results. Either that or the other “ET and mothership” and (hopefully not) “Final Trumpet” theories.

Either way, I’m with the rest of these posters…you have to be pretty careful about to whom you speak, but as these experiments have been ongoing, AND REPORTED ON, perhaps I’ll give the powers that be a call tomorrow.

Thank you for your help,

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  1. I was the original poster who “watched” the sound of a jet with my daughter, there in the front yard…this was not the last time it happened ; here it is, a mere few days after the 4th of July, 2015, and we have witnessed the same at least another half dozen times.

    In addition, we have seen a few odd things, some accompanied by a sort of electrical whine, very high pitched, nearly inaudible (not the same as tinnitus…some silent.

    Orange glowing things in the night sky that have definite, erratic track, round, black craft of some sort which stop, start, backtrack and then disappear into dense cloud banks in an otherwise clear sky, and funny looking small, white “rings”that pop up out of nowhere…and wink out just as quickly.

    If we watch the skies, remembering when such was NOT the norm, we can see many fascinating and unnerving things.

    Some can be explained through our own technology…but the things that “experts”try to say are swamp gas, ball lightening or figments of our imagination? THOSE are the ones about which we should be curious, for, “…as someone rather famous once said: ‘The truth is out there’ “!

  2. I live near that area too – I have no answers to your specific question but there is so much ‘insanity’ that has increased over the past year overhead in that area by ‘military’ and others nothing would surprise me anymore. Like the ‘Coast Guard’ I believe it is, that goes out over the Gulf of Mexico at night and just hovers there, very low and over the water for quite a long time. If the ‘unaware’ people look at certain ‘planes’ at night too they probably think it’s a star or some who say they are ‘UFOs’ but from I’ve seen first hand it’s just the military using their ill gained power and technology. With chemtrails being sprayed 24 hours a day – that also skews what we ‘see’.
    Hang in there and KNOW you are not alone KNOWING this crap is going on in that area.
    And also, have you noticed the every single morning ‘condensation’ for the past year as well? After of course the flurry of ‘planes’ from St Pete / Clearwater airport every sundown and sunset – not to mention the high altitude cowards that spray all night from who knows where.
    Too bad it seems those we thought were upstanding have turned out to be just ignorant cowardice little boys – just ‘doing what they’re told’….

    • I live in Clearwater ,Fl. On Saturday night around 9pm I heard a loud rumbling sounding like a freight train coming from the sky, it lasted about 10 or 15 minutes. I was very scared, we do not live near any railroad tracks , and we can’t hear trains from our house. What was the strange noise I wonder ?

      • I live in clearwater and my husband and I heard it too; it sounds like it’s directly over head but you can’t see anything-then it just shuts off after 20 minutes. heard the same thing last year…have no idea what it could be but it is truly loud and scary.

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