Mysterious Explosion and Power Outage Light Up the Sky Over Lima, Peru During Xmas Fireworks


What is this strange light in the sky of Lima, Peru?

This mysterious explosion suddenly lit up the sky during the Christmas fireworks of the capital city and triggered a short power outage!

This is weird, no?

As explained by El Comercio, there was a 1-2 second power outage in Lima during the Xmas fireworks. You can see on the video that during (or half a second after) the outage, the sky was completely lit up for a brief period of time. Amazing!

Here another video, accelerated 8x. The light phenomenon lights up the sky @ 0:50 in the following video:

And here the same video at normal speed:

I doubt this was a power line. Also, this isn’t a lightning since there are no storms in Lima right now.

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In the article, you can read that people noticed a black spot in the light. This is probably a clear patch on the very cloudy Lima sky but no aliens or UFOs of any sorts.

Is this strange light in Lima some earthquake lights? Or just a transformer blowing up? Well a short look at any earthquake websites will show that the source of this mysterious light was most probably a transformer explosion.

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