Mysterious Alien-Like Creatures Found On Farm In El Palqui Chile: Dead Bodies Of The Mythical Chupacabra


What are these two weird creatures discovered by a group of farm worker near El Palqui, Chile?

The dead bodies were found in an abandoned winery… Did they find the dehydrated corpses of the mythical Chupacabra?

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Mysterious creatures found dehydrated in abandoned winery in Chile.

A strange discovery has been made by ​​a group of farm workers in El Palqui, district of Monte Patria, Chile.

According to Javier Prohens, one of them, the workers started visiting a abandoned winery and found the two alien bodies.

The bodies were found surrounded by hay bales. Could these be bats? Well, I would think they are too large and the form of their heads is too elongated.

Especially in rural areas, these strange findings bring out odd beliefs and opinions have arisen that these strange bodies could be some chupacabras.

Up to now nobody was able to determine their origin. So can you help us by telling us what do you think these unknown and mysterious creatures are?

Look at these humans… They look like aliens!

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