Two Explosive Quakes Hit The UK: East Midlands Just A Day After Hampshire… What’s Going On?


Britain has been struck by its second explosive quake in just two days – this time beneath the East Midlands village of Cottesmore.

Residents describe the sound accompanying the tremors as ‘an explosion which shook their houses‘ or ‘like a bus crashing into the neighbours house at speed.

earthquake uk 2015, midlands quake 2015, hampshire quake 2015, winchester quake january 2015, earthquake uk january 2015, quake uk january 2015, rutland quake january 2015, A series of quake has started hitting the UK in January 2015 in midlands and hampshire.

The 3.8 magnitude earthquake hit the village of Cottesmore at 10.25pm and was felt by residents up to 60 miles away.

It came barely 24 hours after a 2.9 magnitude quake which hit Winchester yesterday with police receiving reports of something which ‘felt like an explosion which shook their houses‘.

The BGS said it had received a report from a residents who said ‘the whole bed was visibly shaking’ as well as one who said the earthquake sounded ‘like a bus crashing into the neighbours house at speed.

Sally Smart wrote on Twitter: ‘Earthquake wow that was a biggen!! Thought a truck was coming through the house.

It is also the third earthquake to hit the area in less than 12 months, after two were recorded near Oakham in April last year.

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