Giant shark fossil discovered in Texas suggests monsters from the deep were larger than thought


A monster shark the size of a two-story building trolled the shallow seas 100 million years ago.

The massive fish, Leptostyrax macrorhiza, would have been one of the largest predators of its day!

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Reconstruction of the giant sharks that once swam in our deep oceans. Image credit: Frederickson et al.

[quote_box_center]The top image of the reconstruction presents the smallest calculated estimates for large lamniform sharks from the Duck Creek Formation (KUVP 16343) and Kiowa Shale (ONMH 68860). The bottom shark is another known shark species that trawled the ancient oceans.[/quote_box_center]

The new shark fossils unexpectedly discovered in Texas suggests that sharks during the Early Cretaceous were much larger than previously thought.

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