Lake Texoma is being drained like a giant bathtub


Here’s a very unique view of an intake vortex – giant whirlpool – created as water enters the Denison Dam spillway on Lake Texoma.

The rare vortex is about eight feet wide, sucks about 55,000 cubic feet of water per second and is capable of sucking in a full sized boat.

The video of the vortex swirling was shared by the Tulsa division of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

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The next video shows what it looks like when the Denison Dam/Lake Texoma floodgates are open at maximum release after flooding… Intense:

Lake Texoma reached alarming and historic levels at the end of Mai 2015 end during June 2015.

This was mostly due to Tropical Storm Bill that flooded the Red River and Washita River which empties into Lake Texoma.

The vortex has caused the water levels of the lake to drop.

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