Enormous Aliso Canyon methane leak in California in numbers


The Aliso Canyon leak is an “invisible tsunami” of natural gas that has been spewing from a broken well in the backyard of an affluent Los Angeles suburb.

This catastrophal situation has caused illness and losses to businesses, and driven thousands from their homes.With their lives turned upside down for more than three months, residents continue to wait for the gas company to stop the leak once and for all.

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The well has released more than 91,000 metric tons of methane gas into the air. The volume of methane that has been ejected into the air is massive, and its effect on global warming is real.

The rotten-smelling air in and around the Porter Ranch community will begin to clear when the well is permanently sealed. And Southern California Gas Company expects to have the leak stopped this month.

Let see. But usually we shouldn’t believe what officials say. Hope it’s true in this case.

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