Meteorite crashes on farm in loud booming noise


This weird white stone crashed in a loud boom on a Nigerian farm last March 12, 2016 creating panic among residents.

Women and children were asked to vacate the farms immediately while men picked up the mysterious celestial object.

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via Vanguard NGR

This weird sky event occurred at around 10:45 am on March 12, when farmers and hunters in Tse-Agena area of Mbatyula in Takum local government area of Taraba State heard a loud sound coming from the sky.

The space rock landed on a big tree in an empty farm land.

For some of the witnesses, the event was so shocking that they believed it was the end of the world.

Initially when the object landed, it was pure white in color acting like a mirror as human faces were reflecting on the object. Then it suddenly turned black.

The state government has sent the head of the Mineral Resources department to the area to testify the the nature of the ‘mystery stone’.

The Gods Must Be Crazy 😉

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