Mysterious 30kg megacryometeor falls from the sky in India creating three-foot-deep crater


This mysterious chunk of ice, probably a 30kg megacryometeor, crashed down on April 4, 2016 in a field creating a three-foot-deep crater upon impact.

A ‘cooling’ surprise for people in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh as they are experiencing a strong early heat wave.

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Hindustan Times

The mysterious chunk of ice falling from the sky is a megacryometeor (ice-stone) also or blue ice falling down from a plane.

The large chunk of ice crashed down near Nousar village in Timarini, 40km from Harda district headquarters.

Residents reported hearing a thundering noise just before the icy meteor ‘touched down’.

According to witnesses, nearly 14 seconds after the first chunk of ice fell, another smaller chunk crashed in a nearby field.

Officials say it was blue ice. But what about a megacryometeor?

  • Ice-stones or megacryometeors form suddenly even during non-cloudy, clear sky when there is no thunderstorm activity.
  • Although their formation is not clearly understood, they are considered to have an origin different from large hailstones.
    d 2006 alone”.

A similar event occurred last month when one of these mysterious chunks of ice fell in a garden in California.

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