Energetic earthquake swarm detected at Takawangha volcano (Alaska) – Alert levels risen – No historical eruptions known


An energetic earthquake swarm was detected at Takawangha on January 23, 2017 by the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO).

The sequence is continuing. Is this the sign of an imminent explosion for a volcano that has no known historical eruptions?

takawangha, takawangha eruption, takawangha earthquake swarm
An energetic earthquake swarm hit near Takawangha volcano in Alaska on January 23 and continuing on January 24 2017. First eruption ever recorded there? Picture via AVO

An energetic earthquake swarm on Tanaga Island started yesterday, January 23, and is continuing, but slightly decreasing.

AVO is therefore raising the Aviation Color Code to Yellow and Alert Level to Advisory for Takawangha Volcano.

The earthquakes locate 6 to 7 km ESE of Takawangha Volcano.

This activity may be due to brittle failure in the surrounding rock caused by magma movement.

However, no volcanic activity has been detected at the volcano in satellite data.

This would be a first time!

No historical eruptions are known from Takawangha! Takawangha is a 1449-m-high, youthful volcano with an ice-filled caldera on northern Tanaga Island, near the western end of the Andreanof Islands.

takawangha, takawangha eruption, takawangha earthquake swarm
Situation of the Takawangha volcano on northern Tanaga Island, near the western end of the Andreanof Islands. Map via Mountain-Forecast

Takawangha lies across a saddle from historically active Tanaga volcano to the west; older, deeply eroded volcanoes lie adjacent to Takawangha on the east. Numerous small post-caldera tephra cones are located within the caldera and on its rim and flanks. The youngest cones are some of those inside the caldera of the basaltic-to-dacitic volcano.

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