Thousands of howler monkeys killed in unprecedented wave of death in Brazil


In some deep forests of southern Brazil, thousands of howler monkeys have been killed by what scientists called an unprecedented wave of death.

After the death of thousands of howler monkeys by the yellow fever virus, there now exists silence.

This is the terrifying screams of howler monkeys that I recorded in Mexico about three years ago:

Well, now, the Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, a private federally-protected reserve, is experiencing an unprecedented wave of death that has swept through the region since late 2016, killing thousands of howler monkeys.

Responsible for this mass die-off is Yellow Fever, a virus carried by mosquitoes and endemic to Africa and South America.

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Thousands of howler monkeys are dying in Brazil. Yellow fever is responsible for this monkey die-off.

Such massive howler monkeys have occurred in the past, mostly in Nicaragua. Back in 2016, during the exact same period, scientists were puzzled by the deaths of at least 75 howler monkeys living in the tropical forests of southwestern Nicaragua. Same viral disease?

It’s really, really, really unusual to see this many monkeys sick all at once and to see this many monkeys dead all at once. That’s for sure!

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