3.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Colorado with tremors felt 200 miles away


A 3.7 magnitude earthquake struck northwestern Colorado late Saturday morning at 11:48 a.m. MDT.

The rumbling sounded like an explosion. Everything was rattling even 200 miles away. Must have been pretty scary.

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A m3.7 earthquake shook Colorado On April 22, 2017, shaking cities 200 miles away from the epicenter,via USGS

The temblor hit at 11:48 a.m. MDT about three miles west-northwest of the town of Rangely, in Blanco County. It had a depth of approximately 4 miles.

The quake was felt by several people, including Rangely Police Department Dispatcher Miranda Hayes, who explains her scary experience: “It sounded like an explosion. Everything in the building was shaking, cabinets and equipment was rattling. It was pretty scary.

But it wasn’t just felt in Colorado. The tremor was also felt by people in at least five cities in the state of Utah, including in Salt Lake City, which is more than 200 miles away from the town of Rangely. Did you feel it?

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