Recent video shows an army of Chinese military vehicles deploying toward North Korea border


This recent footage captured on April 13, 2017 shows a lot of Chinese military vehicles deploying toward North Korea border.

The large convoy of military vehicles moving on Shen Dan Highway, around Shenyang City, situated in the North Eastern China, near the border with North Korea.

Probably Chinese military have deployed a strong air defence to guarantee protection along the Yalu River?

It could also give to us some other info about latest report of “thousands of troops moved to the border with North Korea.”

Eyewitnesses from Shenyang also reporting military movement heading Dandong close to North Korea (“many medical vehicles”). Are hinese building temporary hospitals in the Dandong area?

I can’t confirm the exact date of that footage but new update reportedly locates the convoy near Dandong.

China vs North Korea conflict, army convoy china north korea
China vs North Korea conflict

At least, there is something going along the China-North Korea border.

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