A huge wave anomaly is coming from Antarctica but nobody knows how it formed


After April 2017, another massive wave anomaly is coming from the Antarctica Region.

The MIMIC Map fails to show anything over both poles. This leaves us to guess from which BASE the massive wave anomaly is coming from.

What could this be from?

In April 2017, similar strange patterns was ‘produced’ in the same area.

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After April 2017, another wae anomal formed oer Antarctica. via video from Dahboo77 and Mimic-TPW

At this time, it has been hypothesized that the anomalous wave was coming from a mysterious Belgian base called Princess Elisabeth Station:

One thing is for sure, something in Antarctica is causing this anomaly and it is shooting out into the Pacific Ocean.

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  2. WHY DOES EVERYONE PLAY DUMB,we have a mini solar system coming up from the south,IT WILL KILL BILLIONS,and everyone ignores it,they pretend its a romor,or a joke,EVERYONE in the government blows out trash like this flat earth crap,TO take everyones eyes off the ball,and SADLY its working,do you guys want to be on BODY BURING DETAIL???because you and all the blind are going to be………..

    • Well, I`m not sure if Nibiru system exists in our reality (3rd density) and I`m prone to think that not, but what is sure it exists on higher levels/dimensions in our Solar System. Psionic/pranic emanations of Nibiru started to be sensible here from about 2011. And yes there are MASSES of belivers or even worshippers of flat earth idea debunked by internet, it only confirms the fact that vast majority of organisms (and souls) are primitive and stupid, focused only for reproducing and consuming resources, and sometimes beliving in ridiculous shit. There is no need to convert and evangelize them.

  3. Hello,

    My Name is Doctor Lucian Guardian. Having a rather long career in advanced robotic design and beam control systems, I have been observing these strange transmissions with more than a little interest. The general appearance and propagation mimics a design used during the Cold War period known as RODAN (Recombinant Oscillating Dense Array – Nuclear) Fields. This technology was universally placed on the shelf owing to the direct coupling with the earth’s magnetosphere, and the observed destruction that was inadvertently caused in California, Alaska, Iran and China. As I retired from the field, however, cryptic Black Programmers would sometimes mention a new research avenue called BUMEYE which was an application of nuclear pumped particles in a highly excited state; I believe the acronym stood for Bosun Upper Modulated, Electrical Y-Wave Excitation, but I cannot claim to know this for certain. I did, firsthand, observe the effects of a test generation however, as I was taken to the test locale for a related matter. What I observed was the utter destruction of a very strong, reinforced wall of approximately 30 feet in height and nearly 500 yards in length. This testing was done a very remote parcel under the auspices of Naval Weapons Station, China Lake, and was located near the small and somewhat mysterious desert village of Johannesburg. In our company was one of the test – not design – skunks, who commented that the BUMEYE sounded like a “Sky Trumpet”, both shrill and bass resonant.

    While I am far too old to become active in looking into the matter, perhaps these few thoughts will help some of you younger sleuths to uncover what is really happening. Good Luck to all of you, and be safe.


    • Great trolling Chuck!

      But for those not well versed in the arts of google, let me point out that there is no such thing as “recombinant oscillating dense array fields”. Dense arrays are a programming term, recombinant is only used in relation to genetics, the combination is ludicrous.
      What is real though is a company called “Rodan & Fields” and their beauty product called “Bumaye”.
      My guess is that Chuck just looked at his girls beauty products when he was trying to come up with a name for his troll story.

      Neverheless, Chuck, if you do have actual info to share please do so.
      Until then it’s safe to assume he is shoveling us bullshit and calling it haute quisine.

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