Firefighters called to battle ‘unknown type of fire’


The Worland Volunteer Fire Department responded to a mysterious fire at a recycling plant in Worland, Wyoming, on July 7…

And the footage is downright otherworldly.

“WFD was called to Smet Recycling on HWY 20 North for a report of an unknown type of fire,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Upon arrival we found that the fire was a sulfur mound that had been ignited.

The incredible spectacle was apparently caused after a motorcycle’s hot exhaust pipe accidentally ignited a sulfur mound that was leftover by a sulfur plant that operated north of Smet Recycling in the 1950s.

Firefighters called to battle ghostly, 'unknown type of fire'
Firefighters called to battle ghostly, ‘unknown type of fire’

But although the electric purple flames may be gorgeous, the fire department warned that this type of fire can be extremely hazardous as burning sulfur creates a hazardous gas called sulfur dioxide. Burning sulfur creates sulfur dioxide gas that has a very strong, choking odor like the Ijen volcano in Indonesia.

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