Largest earthquake swarm in years rattles Fagradalsfjall volcano with more than 500 quakes in Iceland


The largest seismic swarm in years is currently rattling the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland northeast of the Fagradalsfjall volcano since the morning of July 26.

Since 24 hours, already more than 500 earthquakes – with several earthquakes between M3.0 and M4.0 – have been recorded.

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Over 500 earthquakes in Reykjanes swarm in Iceland. The largest swarm in years.

The Pleagocene Fagradalsfjall volcano is entering a critical phase of uncertainty. A swarm of at least 500 earthquakes is currently rattling Reykjanes in Iceland. No signs of eruption are reported, the last eruption being dated to the last ice age in Iceland.

Geophysicist Páll Einarsson explained that the earthquakes are at the point where the tectonic plates meet. But although earthquakes in Reykjanes are common, the on-going swarm is one of the biggest that they’ve measured in a few years.

Three earthquakes were clearly felt in Reykjavik, especially the one at 13:55 which measured 4.1.

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reykjanes earthquake swarm july 2017

Yesterday two earthquakes were felt in Mýrdalssveit originating from Katla. At 10.15 pm on 26 July, an earthquake of M 4.5 was recorded at Myrdalsjökull, followed at 10.18 by another tremor of M3.2.

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