New island appears off the coast of North Carolina but tourists are warned to stay away


A new island has appeared off the coast in the US, near North Carolina’s Cape Point, attracting adventurous tourists and photographers.

However, the mile-long sand bank, dubbed Shelly Island by locals, is dangerous and officials have warned visitors off exploring it.

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A new island is forming since April near North Carolina’s cape point. Photo via hadonka / Instagram

The new island first started appearing in the spring and was just a little bump in April. Now it’s a mile-long sand bank, the largest new island near North Carolina’s Cape Point in 50 years.

Experts have said that the island, dubbed Shelly Island by locals, is dangerous and have warned visitors off exploring it. People are advised not to try to walk or swim across to the island because of the current. There is indeed a flow as powerful as a riptide sweeps across in between the mainland and the new island. Shark bites may also become a problem.

Five-foot sharks and huge stingrays have been spotted swimming in the waters around Shelly Island.

This new sand island is just part of the natural process. While some areas erode, the sand has to fill back in again. And this ongoing change isn’t going to change tomorrow.

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  1. This is a biblical occurance, for those of us aware we will prepare for the Three Days of Darkness. It will be the wrath of God that will befall the earth, much destruction and death will occur if we are not prepared. This island forming is the beginning. Please look into this.

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