M3.8 earthquake rocks Illinois near New Madrid – Strongest quake in 6 years for southern Illinois


A 3.8 magnitude earthquake rattled parts of southern Illinois early Tuesday, around 6:47 a.m. on September 19, 2017.

This is the strongest earthquake in 6 years to hit southern Illinois, near the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

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M3.8 earthquake rattles southern Illinois on September 19 2017. The largest tremor in last 6 years in the area.

The tremor was centered near the Indiana border in Southern Illinois at a depth of about 9 miles.

It was felt by at least one person in Mahomet:

The epicenter of this quake is situated near the New Madrid Fault, a seismic zone four times more dangerous than the San Andreas Fault line in California.

The map below shows the different damage zones if a BIG earthquake was hitting New Madrid. The epicenter of today’s quake is situated at the border between the X and the IX zones, so right in the hotspot, just northwest of Evansville:

new madrid seismic zone, new madrid earthquake
Zones of damage of a BIG ONE along the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The darker the red, the more damage created.

Here some reports of people that experienced the loud rumble:

Benton, Illinois: felt while in shower
Mount Vernon, Indiana: Scared our 8 year old who didn’t understand why floor and dishes were shaking. Others sleeping were awaken.
Evansville, Indiana: Felt like someone had hit the house with a car. A few pictures on the walls were a little askew.
Evansville, Indiana: Was woken up by my bed shaking in a second floor bedroom.
Wadesville: Very loud rumble that went on for a while. Shaking and dishes clinked for a long time. 
Mount Carmel, Illinois: I had just had breakfast and got back into bed to watch tv. I heard a kinda loud boom and the house felt like it was shifting off its foundation it was very brief and didn’t last but a few seconds maybe 10 at the most. I went out outside to look because it was as if something blew up.

The earthquake was reported more than 150 miles away from the epicenter in O’Fallon, Illinois. There are no reports of damage.

The largest earthquake in southern Illinois was a M5.4 in 1968. Stay safe!

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