Colorado family launches GoPro into stratosphere; the video that fell back is just amazing


A Colorado family launched a GoPro into stratosphere.

The resulting video is just amazing.

Colorado family launches GoPro into stratosphere and an amazing video falls back to Earth, Colorado family launches GoPro into stratosphere and an amazing video falls back to Earth video, gopro camera space video, gopro camera stratosphere video
Colorado family launches GoPro into stratosphere and an amazing video falls back to Earth.

The balloon reached the stratosphere at around 10 miles above the ground, captured a unique perspective of the Front Range from 100,000 feet aloft, and than, at the end of the video, the GoPro camera falls back to earth in a disturbing noise!

Yes, better than NASA!

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  1. Im a globe head, but interested in this subject. this vid is impressive but does not really confirm a curve, a GoPro may be a decent camera but generally has a wide angle or fish eye which will distort the picture as to fit in as much as poss. The camera was not still but when it levelled off there was not really a curve and I saw no curving away. I do think there is much that NASA is not telling us. they need 2 provide a true non CGI non composite photo of the entire earth from space using Hubble for example ( if it exists ) and the Flatters need 2 provide a photo of the edge. There are enough of them to hire a plane and fly to the edge. The claim that it is defended is ridiculous, it apparently goes around the edge of the whole discso how can it be defended all the way? Also they could hire a plane,take off and fly in any direction in a straight line and see which map is right,the flat or globe.

  2. how were they able to recover the webcam when it fell back to earth??
    could have landed in the ocean, inside volcano, on top of small plane etc

  3. I slowed the video down frame by frame and seen the curve go crazy, up, down, all around. Nice try imaginary curve in a wide-angle lens.

  4. 2 Thes 11-12
    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    So many Bible verses supports a solid firmament above the surface of the Earth. Bible verses never say Earth is a Planet (moving retarded star) yet many believe this lie. Bible says the Earth is fixed in location and position. Still more fools believe the Earth revolves around an imaginary axis and rotates around the sun. It would have been easier for Joshua to tell the Earth to remain still than command the Sun and Moon to stand still. Thus indicating they were the only objects in motion. Josh 10:12,13.
    Even more easier for King Hezekiah to request the Earth rotate backwards 10 degrees like in the 1978 Superman movie but it was the Sun in motion that was told to go back 10 degrees. 2 Kings 20:9, Isa 38:8,

    All the folks here who refuse to check the specifications of GoPro cameras before commenting are those that choose to believe a lie. So, friends, pray for them. They are intentionally been deceived because they refuse to believe the Bible as is… that is Earth is a fixed dry land floating on waters, with an enclosed shield like molten glass, with waters above, having the sun, moon and stars moving across the surface of the Earth for signs, seasons, days and years. These folks believe a lie that the Earth is a retarded star, not keeping its habitation and location in the sky. Only fools deceived by so-called science believe that the Earth rotates around the Sun. Astronomy per NASA and other space agencies is a religion. You have no way of proving them correct or otherwise, so because we were thought in school the Earth is a ball, we believe it. We don’t know it for a fact.

    Bible says the Earth was created before the Sun, Moon and Stars. NASA and space agencies say the Earth was created 4 or 5 Billion years ago give a few billion years of error and the so-called Big Bang theory created by the Catholic Church to synchronize religion and science is woefully wrong. Yet fools continue believing science over God’s word. You cannot be a follower of Christ and believe NASA. Both religions are incompatible.

    I am surprised at Steve Qualyes comment at”SQ NOTE THE CURVATURE OF THE EARTYH-NASA DIDN’T FAKE THIS ONE”. If he doesn’t believe the Bible as in what it states about the Earth, Firmament, Heaven and Stars vs what NASA states, does that mean he is also deceived? NASA fakes almost everything and is compounded in lies. Satan is the father of Liars. NASA as an organization are lairs. If Steve chooses to believe NASA over Bible, what does that say about him?

    Why would a professing Christian use a known source of deception as a standard to measure Bible accuracy?

    My brothers and sisters, these people are being deceived because they personally chose not to read and believe their King James Bible and accept the Bible as is. Pray for them. Pray that God delivers them from deception and preserves us all to the Day of His Glorious return.

    • steve quayle is a fraud who doesnt read his Bible. If he ever told the truth his website would crash, most of his stories are about some kind of spacetravel. i confronted him about it and he said to me get thee behind me satan. globism is the one world religion, it is called sun worship(putting the sun in the center instead of God. you will get more ridicule speaking of this thann any other thing regarding Christ. these are not true Christians as Christ and his word are not Sovereign.

    • Ayb it’s because you are the idiot, using the Bible out of context to prove your own point.. seemaa uto me you are the fool that belw9vea his own deception

  5. If you think fisheye lense proves we live on a Ball then this does not.That is the point isn’t it?No one says earth has no curves we say it’s Not A Ball.This video doesn’t prove anything but nice pictures of the ground when the baloon pops you see the Earth is Not a Ball 🙂

  6. come on brain dead people, flat earth? look at the sun, moon, stars, asteroids, tell me what on the other side of this so called flat earth? the pinnacle of stupidity

  7. What freaking curve? Use a straight edge and you will see a straight edge no curve none. Then you try to say the wind was missing and camera fell straight down and heard a thud. Magical just magical! Hahaha

  8. If flat headed earthers are so smart, why in the F havent they found the edge or point where you fall off? Im sure its so easy to get there, much less take a photo of it. We see finger nail moon with partially lit dark sides, a crescent moon with partially lit dark side, total eclipse paths that are angular, and from the moon, the earth is seen with the same illumination. IT’S ROUND F TARDS!!

    • According to them, Antarctica is around the entire edge. So if you have the cold weather gear and the ability to climb vast mountain ranges with no options to resupply, go find that edge!

      The bigger question is what happened to the balloon? I’ve seen videos of rockets with cameras attached and something always stops the rocket cold, revolution and everything without the damage expected from that sort of impact. . They also used GoPro cameras here, just remember all GoPro’s have fish eye lenses.

  9. Why do people jump into; agreeing or disagreeing about anything , without any due diligence research on the subject??? The experiment has to be repeated. I would A: Check the type of lenses that were used, the type of camera and so on and so on.

    • Yes do the research. That way when you hunt around for the original source of the flat earth debate you just may find that a group of “Intelligent” people started this experiment to see how the people would respond when introduced to an absurd untrue idea. As well as observe both sides of the arguement. Where is the proof? Lol, took me a while to hunt it down so i am not letting all of you off that easy. Do your own research. Sides seeing with your own eyes is truth correct? Any link i were to give may be fake news, manipulated, or photo shopped in your eyes so i won’t provide it. We were all rats in some private sick joke of a lab experiment conducted by a group who thought they were smarter then you all. Saddly they were correct cause this debate after all these years is still ongoing…

    • Fisy eye lenses do not distort that much as to make a strait edge look totally round just slightly more curved than normal…stupid flatards.

  10. Wow, wow, wow…… Great video of Earth’s curvature. Ha hahahaha The Flat Earthers will have a field day with this one. I can’t wait to read or watch their YouTube videos of their opinions. They’re all morons, but it fun just to see how far out on a limb they’ll go before cutting if off behind them.

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