This glass turns water into wine (video)


This glass will turn your water into wine… Well almost.

The Vocktail (Virtual Cocktail) is an interactive drinking utensil that digitally simulates your senses – taste, smell, and visual – to create virtual flavors and enhance the existing flavors of a beverage.

As explained in the Youtube video description of the product:

“The system consists of a cocktail glass that is seamlessly fused into a 3D printed structure, which holds the electronic control module, three scent cartridges, and three micro air-pumps. The system is coupled with a mobile application that enables users to create customized virtual flavor sensations by configuring each of the stimuli via Bluetooth.

When a user drinks from the system, the visual (RGB light projected on the beverage), taste (electrical stimulation at the tip of the tongue), and smell stimuli (emitted by micro air-pumps) are combined to create a virtual flavor sensation, thus altering the flavor of the beverage.

Results suggest that the combination of these stimuli delivers richer flavor experiences, as compared to separately simulating individual modalities.”

Vocktail, This glass will change water into wine, Vocktail: This glass will change water into wine
Vocktail: This glass will change water into wine

This product would probably be something nice for someone not allowed to drink a glass of wine, but still want to have the sensation of drinking one.

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