They used directed energy weapons to cause the current apocalyptic Wild Fires


There is something extremely wrong with the current ‘Wild Fires’ – indeed very WILD – in California. Here a great video:

Here is an accompanying text by Redpillinfowar. Also a great read!

Directed energy weapons being used to cause strange Wild Fires
Directed energy weapons being used to cause strange Wild Fires. via Redpillinfowar


  1. They have used and will use high capacity lasers, more HAARP radiation to continue burning the fields, and in passing when these people are all bored, they are dedicated to making geometric drawings in England, burning the ground and spoiling the wheat harvest in that area in South of England called Wiltshire ..

    We are all manipulated, they tease us badly and we are all, rabbits for their tests among other things, for this kind of people. great post, Now people will know how these things are going, how they happen.

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