Lightning strike injures 77 soldiers in Colombia

A lightning strike injured 77 soldiers on December 23, 2017 after it struck in a field in the city of Popayán, southwestern Colombia, during military training for the Christmas ceremony. And no thunderstorms were around at that exact time!

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A lightning strike injured 77 soldiers in Colombia during Christmas ceremony preparation.

On December 23, 2017, soldiers assigned to the Twenty-ninth Brigade were carrying out trials for a military ceremony in Popayán, Colombia, when suddenly, a lightning struck from nowhere and injured 77 soldiers.

The powerful bolt occurred after 3:00 pm in the afternoon, even though it was not raining at that time. The soldiers immediately received first aid from the military health personnel and then were evacuated to different health centers for observation, assessment and medical attention.

Most of the soldiers have been burned and some have hearing problems.


The ground around Popayán is known to contain high concentrations of copper, which may also explain why many lightnings reach the Earth.

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