Weather warfare over Australia as 4.2 million bolts are registered within 48 hours


That’s not natural… That’s not ‘Climate Change’… That’s weather warfare… More than 4.2 million lightning strikes hit mainland Australia during wild weekend thunderstorms…

Australia just endured a weekend of prolific thunderstorm activity, with more 4.2 million lightning strikes detected across the country on Saturday and Sunday.

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A perfect mix of thunderstorm-producing ingredients lined up over Australia on the weekend:

  • A cold pool of air swept across southern Australia with the passage of a cut-off upper-level low
  • This cold air clashed with a much warmer and moisture-laden air mass sitting over the Australian continent
  • These contrasting air masses caused the atmosphere to become very unstable and allowed a powerful stream of upper-level winds to develop over Australia
  • A series of surface-based low pressure troughs provided the trigger mechanisms for widespread thunderstorms to develop

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The animation below shows the weekend’s thunderstorm activity over Australia, with lightning affecting part of every state and territory. Storms were active during both day and night and occurred from the NT’s Top End all the way down to Tasmania.

One of the weekend’s most impressive thunderstorm complexes was a line of storms that hit Adelaide on Saturday afternoon as a damaging squall line before tracking across SA and NSW to reach Sydney late on Sunday morning. This storm caused widespread damage in SA and contributed to the state’s biggest power network outage since 2016. As of 7am on Monday, 35,000 customers in SA were still without power.

Today, extreme weather is calming down…

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Weatherzone’s Total Lightning Network detected just over 4,213,700 lightning strikes over Australia on the weekend. This was an incredibly active 48 hours of thunderstorm activity in Australia, even for late-spring, which is a notoriously stormy time of year across the country. [Weather Zone]

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    He and his “patriotic” minions on the puppet show, are more concerned about assisting the mass birth of Satan’s new lying alien army to deceive the world, genetically modified snakebite-jabbed (by the mom) homoborgenesis “black-eyed/grey alien” Nephilim offspring suddenly emerged after DT’s Operation Warp Speed… the true reason for anti-trains bills and roe v wade overturn only after OWS? These same governors refuse to abolish childhood school vaxx mandates for other snakebites (MMR, DTP/DTAP, Meningitis, Flu, many others still allowed). They are creating a new species, and disabling/”weeding out” the unwanted ones via ASDs and chronic illnesses.

    Graphene (in the “thorns”, air, food and even our water) is highly important in technology and wire formation – very magnetic and reacts to 5G/upcoming 6G at an incredible degree. Just like aluminum it’s super toxic to the human body, especially the heart and brain. The ASD and related eruptions will NEVER go away because ASDs are a brilliant way to pacify and control “the useless eaters” around the world.

    Snakebite CRISPR shots got into many pregnant and expectant moms, and we are seeing a new hybrid race of children being born – MSN and mainstream news is openly talking about an “alien invasion” and aliens coming to Earth soon, after telling us that aliens (fallen angels/demons) were all mythical.

  2. You can only blame weather modification on so much before it becomes absurd. The FACT is we are coming to the end of a 12,000 year cycle, the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened by over 20% since 1859 and will continue to weaken at an accelerated rate, the Earth’s magnetic poles are in excursion and with 20 years will flip, and when the Earth’s magnetic field is at less than 10% the Sun will finish us off as it does every 12,000 years. No man has the power to do what is claimed here on this article. No man. God is about to wipe the slate clean.

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