A paleontologist predicted the 2011 Japan tsunami because of a poem and nobody listened to him


In 2011, a massive tsunami hit the Japanese coast, causing hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and thousands of casualties. Almost everyone was completely taken by surprise by the onslaught. Someone who wasn’t surprised was Koji Minoura, a Japanese paleontologist who had figured out this was going to happen years in advance. How did he know? Because of a poem.

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A paleontologist at Tohoku University predicted the 2011 Japan tsunami because of poem… but nobody believed him. REUTERS/Mainichi Shimbun via The Atlantic

In the late 1980s, Minoura had become intrigued by an ancient poem which told of “the famed waves of Sue-No-Matsuyama,” which he suspected had a nugget of truth buried in its text. And he was right. Through analyzing the soil in the region the poem was set, Minoura discovered ocean water in one of the layers, proving there had been a massive earthquake/tsunami duet in the year 869. Digging deeper, Minoura discovered something chilling: The same tsunami affected layers every thousand years — and the next one was overdue.

paleontologist predicts 2011 Japan tsunami because of poem, 2011 earthquake japan, 2011 tsunami japan, 2011 tsunami japan predicted by paleontologist because of poem
Koji Minoura, the Prof. that forecast the 2011 Japan earthquake/tsunami. Tohoku University

He began alerting everyone who mattered in the country that another disaster was imminent. But the paleontologist started running out of time — and he couldn’t dig himself out of it. Nuclear plants were a particular area of concern to Minoura. He showed his data to officials at Tokyo Electric in the early ’90s, noting that their seaside locations meant that a quakenami would be “really bad.” His warnings were cast aside, thinking tsunamis of that scale were about as likely as another Godzilla attack.

Of course, after the horrific event, Tokyo Electric stated that they had been “in the process” of considering protective modifications to the plant before the tsunami, which is exactly as vague and useless as it sounds. So in the future, governments of the world, please listen to your rogue paleontologists.

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  1. This tsunami had been planned decade ago. Yes, this tsunami was created by 2 nuclear submarine torpedos, one for Sendai, and one for Fukushima.

    There was a Freemason party just before this tsunami. In that party, there was a map of Japan without affected area. Yes, the tsunami affected area was erased from that map. That indicated that that area would disappear. They knew their plan a head.

    I called a woman who was a top person of the Japanese religion, Sokagakkai just after tsunami hit. She said “I knew the tsunami was coming because my daugher called me 3 days before the tsunami came. And she said “The big tsunami is coming 3 days later!”. That is why I got 4G network service so that I could get the tsunami devastation information.” So she was saying that she knew the tsunami was coming 3 days before the tsunami, and prepared herself so that she can enjoy observing the devastation.

    Tokyo governor, Ishihara said, just after the tsunami “We should take advantage of this tsunami so that we can punish people who were against tax increase!” That means the Cabal (=World shadow government) had created this tsunami to punish people who were against tax increase.

    At the time of tsunami, US military ship “Donald Regan” had been mysteriously around that area. This is the part of the Operation “Tomodachi” = friend.

    There was a movie “Big Wave” (quite old movie, probably 1980s). There was a scene that 2 operators push the botton of nuclear submarine torpedos from secret undersea base. “We are going to send 2 nuclear torpedos, one for Sendai, one for Fukushima” “Are you going to kill so many inocent people?” “Yes, the more kill, the greater we can be!”

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